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Carport To Garage: 4 Helpful Tips To Consider

Carports are a common form of vehicle shelter, especially in countries with warm climates like Australia.

They are pretty inexpensive to build since they don’t have any walls. The lack of walls also ensures that cool air circulates freely inside.

However, unlike garages fully equipped with roller doors, carports are considered to be less secure. You can also just install a carport garage door, however, they are still not that useful in locking or storing sporting goods, bicycles, lawn equipment as well as other items.

When your carport seems to be ineffective anymore, then you probably like the idea of transforming it into a full-scale garage.

Here are some things you need to consider before you tackle such a big project.

  1. Codes and Regulations

First off, you need to check if your upgrading project is allowed and whether or not you need a permit to do so. Most communities have a building code and regulations regarding garages. So, make sure to check it out before starting.

  1. Evaluate The Existing Structure

Before doing anything, make an inspection of your carport. You see, the better condition and sturdier construction it has, the better chances it has for a successful conversion with minimal efforts.

If the carport has a tiled or shingled roof with the vertical supports holding the roof in place is still in good shape, then you can just frame the structure with walls and roller doors, transforming it into a serviceable garage.

However, if the support posts are leaning or damaged have a small size, then it is not possible to convert the carport without making significant structural improvements.

  1. Measurements

In general, the typical garage should be at least 20 feet deep with 10 feet width for a single car or 18 feet and 6 inches for 2 cars.

For a more comfortable garage, you need to add 2 – 4 feet to each dimension.

The modern garages in Australia are often larger than most. Thus, you might consider expanding the slab in order to create a bigger footprint.

In addition, you also need to check the height.

Should there be a room for the horizontal header above your garage door opener? When transforming a carport to a garage, you’ll need a sturdy header across the opening.

Depending on the garage doors Melbourne prices and designs, the standard garage roller doors require an opening of at least 8 feet and 1 inch high.

Thus, your existing carport needs to have enough height in order to accommodate the transformation, or you will face higher costs in raising the roof.

  1. Check The Roofline And Roofs

Carports are typically built with a shed roof or a gable roof (inverted V-shape roof).

Now, try to see what the converted space will look like with your carport’s existing roof. A gable roof may look okay. Shed roof, on the other hand, may look fine with an open-sided carport, however, it is unusual if you enclosed it completely as a garage.

Now, if you plan to keep your existing roof, consider an inspector to examine its integrity. A roof in poor condition might need to be removed entirely.

However, if it is in good shape, then you can just re-shingle the roof as part of the conversion project.

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