Welcome to the IMHS web site

Welcome to the Indian Military Historical Society Web Site. The IMHS was formed to bring together those interested in the military history of the Indian Subcontinent and to encourage research and the exchange of information. The site contains basic details ABOUT the Society. Details about the latest edition of Durbar, the Society Journal, and other current matters or events may be found in the NEWS section. The Index to Durbar is now available on this page for download. There are also instructions for using Adobe Reader to search the index. Just click the icons below and the index and instruction sheet should start to download to your computer.

The BOOKS page features details of books written by members of the Society. We intend to develop this site from the simple one you see today, so let us know what things you would find useful on the site. You can CONTACT us or apply for membership of the Society by giving us your details on the JOIN page.