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Discover the Wonders of Waxing Today

One of the most popular remedies for removing unwanted hair is waxing. This process is the application and peeling off of a sticky substance called “wax” that effectively removes hair all the way from the root. It is best for removing unwanted hair in the legs, underarms and bikini areas.

The procedure starts with heating the wax. Using a spatula, this sticky substance will be spread out through the desired area of hair removal. Give it a few seconds for the wax to completely stick to the hair. Then the final step is to peel the wax off. View publisher site to see where you can get waxed.

Why Get Waxed?

Waxing is a popular choice because it is quick and generally pain-free if done the right way. In addition, it gives long-lasting results. Waxing typically prevents hair from growing back for around two to eight weeks. Although this still depends on each person’s hair growth cycle.

If you have been waxing for quite some time, you may notice that your hair grows back to be thinner and finer. In some cases, hair doesn’t even go back at all. This is because waxing destroys the hair bulb at the root, thus minimising the volume of regrowth.

When you are rushing to shave, you may cut your skin without even noticing it. Moreover, shaving creams contain chemicals that can make your skin dry, most especially if your skin is sensitive. In the same way, plucking can cause harm and irritation to the skin. Waxing, on the other hand, is relatively safe.

Not only do waxing removes unwanted hair but it also improves your skin. Through waxing, skin is exfoliated. This helps your body remove dead skin cells and allow the new cells to mature, making your skin healthy. On top of that, waxing leaves you with a smoother and more glowing skin. View publisher site if you are ready to get waxed.

Pre- and Post-Waxing Care

Before getting excited on scheduling your waxing session, make sure that the area you want to wax is cleaned. Take a shower a few hours before the treatment. It is also recommended for those with sensitive skin to have a patch test at least 24 hours before waxing. This is to ensure that you will not experience any allergies after the treatment. It’s best to postpone if you have a sore or cut skin.

To prevent any side effects after the waxing session, experts recommend that you avoid exercise, swimming, sunbathing or other similar activities for at least 24 hours. When taking a bath, go for lukewarm water. You may apply antiseptic cream to the area for a few days after the treatment to protect it from infection. Furthermore, remember to always keep the area moisturised.

Rely Only on a Waxing Professional

Honey Wax and Tan is a hygienic and modern salon in Northcote, Victoria specialising in wax treatments. They offer several types of waxing services, from underarm and legs to facial and Brazilian. Rest assured that their qualified therapist only uses the safest products for their customers’ welfare. View publisher site to check a wide array of services.

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