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How Does Landscaping Bring More Value to Your Property

Some people may think that landscaping is merely for aesthetic purposes. However, commercial garden maintenance Perth companies think otherwise.

While landscaping makes a piece of estate appealing to the eye, it actually brings more value—both economic and environmental—to the owners and the users of the estate.

Here are the reasons why landscaping does more than it meets the eye:

Increase in property value

When developing a property, landscaping is the only property feature that doesn’t go out of style. Interior design trends come and go, but garden landscaping can last for years.

With a proper garden design, a property’s value can increase by at least ten per cent. That would also mean higher rental rates for commercial properties.

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” With a beautifully landscaped property, the value can skyrocket as long as the buyer is willing to pay for it.

Commercial garden maintenance Perth companies recommend property owners to have idle land areas landscaped to add aesthetic value and to put them in use.

Better outdoor living conditions

Aside from the added property value, the owners of the property can have a better outdoor living condition in a landscaped surrounding.

Looking at flowers and plants can boost the mood of a person. It can give a sense of contentment and comfort. Also, gardens can bring nature nearer to people.

Landscaping may convert a piece of land into a man-made forest. However, occasional strata tree trimming must be done to maintain a healthy garden ecosystem, especialy for shared properties.

Cooler outdoor temperature

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and use it for their food-making process. Surrounding a house with grass, plants, and trees can eliminate excess carbon dioxide and cool the area.

If there are large trees around the property, trees can block intense sunlight and produce shade at certain times of the day. However, tree maintenance is still a must.

Since trees block sunlight, the plants under the tree’s shade may not receive adequate sunlight and, thus, affect their food-making process.

For a property manager tree trimming companies have, tree maintenance must be commissioned periodically to ensure that other plants in the garden receive adequate sunlight during the day. Also, tree trimming can help tall trees get equal amount of sunlight.

Overlapping branches can cause shorter trees to receive less sunlight. If not maintained, trees will also have uneven heights.

If trees already have irregular forms, landscape maintenance companies would require industrial tree lopping to give trees their ideal forms.


City life can be toxic due to the smoke and other pollutants in the air. If a property has a landscaped garden, the plants and trees can help with reducing pollutants in the air.

Aside from absorbing carbon dioxide, plants also absorb other greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide. Even if the property has a small garden, it would still be able to help with reducing global warming.

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