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Landscaping 101: Eradicating nasty capeweed on your backyard

You wouldn’t want capeweed to ruin your beautiful landscape. However, it’s one of the most horrible invasive plants in Australia. Thus, you should have the best selective herbicide, like Agritone 750, to efficiently deal with capeweed on your backyard.

Read on and keep those nasty weed away from your property.

What to do when capeweed creeps into your fabulous backyard?

Take note of these guide, for you to efficiently deal with one of the worst invasive plants in Australia.

Plan your steps

Plan your entire invasive plant control properly, so you can save more time, money, and effort. For example, carefully choose the herbicide you’ll be using and make sure to have a selective variant, like the Agritone 750 Australia has.

Moreover, consider finding a reliable garden pest control service, so you can have professionals to deal with capeweed for you.

Shield your backyard from further infestation

Capeweed can easily spread from one spot to another. Thus, it’s important to make sure that people who will be working on your backyard wash their weed-control tools and materials before and after their work. Such people could include your gardeners and garden pest control personnel among others.

Moreover, consider talking with your neighbours about it as well. Doing a collective effort could prevent capeweed from infesting any of the properties around you, thus keeping them away from your lawn as well.

Move as early as possible

Capeweed in its flowering stage is much harder to eradicate. This means more effort, which could translate to more expenses, on your part as well.

Thus, it’s important to do your capeweed control as early as possible and use Agritone 750 in Australia to prevent capeweed from thriving.

Keep your garden free of having bare soil

Don’t allow your backyard to have bare patches of soil. Those are some of the best places where capeweed can grow, especially during late summer and fall.

 Choose a selective herbicide

Herbicides are classified into two main categories, which are selective and non-selective. Selective herbicides, like the Agritone 750, only target invasive plants, whilst non-selective herbicides could kill all plants on your lawn.

Of course, you wouldn’t want your precious plants to be killed, as you simply want to deal with capeweed. Moreover, make sure to purchase it from reliable sellers, so you can avoid getting fake products.

Perform consistent checks of your yard

After the main capeweed control procedure, make sure to check your yard every so often. You might be needing to apply Agritone 750 from time to time or pull some capeweed you will spot.

And again, remember to keep your lawn from having bare patches of soil as well. This could prevent capeweed from reinfesting your lawn, and you can easily notice any capeweed growing again too.

Take note of these guidelines, so you can efficiently deal with capeweed on your garden. Aside from helping you eradicate the weed, these tips can also help you with preventing infestation to happen.

Moreover, don’t miss to use one of the best selective herbicides in Australia. Find Agritone 750 Australia offers and buy it from reliable sources, like

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