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The Whys of Having Childcare Management Software

Most Australian kids of today spend half of their young life in and out of child care services, mainly because both of their parents need to work in order to provide for the family. As a childcare provider, you are sure to benefit from child care management software. This article lists down what a platform, such as QikKids, can do for your business.

Most of these kids are under 5 and will spend 8 – 10 hours every day with other kids and adults outside their family. This includes nurseries, daycare centers, and preschools.

How can your child care centre benefit from childcare management software?

  1. Automated Tasks

On a day-to-day basis, childcare staffs are obtaining check-in signatures for licensing, filling out daily report forms, recording diaper checks and infant feedings, printing bills, and receipts logging incident reports and so much more.

In short, there’s a lot of paperwork.

With a childcare management software program, you can cut down all these time-consuming tasks as well as cutting down on ink and paper costs. Automation and better organization of your institution’s daily load can be managed and more streamlined.

Check this article to see such an app in action.

  1. Time For What Matters

With the paperwork automated, your hardworking staff no longer have to worry about juggling several duties— providing child care and administrative work

This will help in improving your employees’ workflow, which in turn helps in making them more productive and less stressed than usual. This can go a long way in reducing employee turnover and retaining your staff.

  1. Deeper Insights

With a reliable childcare management software means that you have a better way of recording more data than with pen and paper and obtaining a rich profile of every kid and their growth and progress while in your institution’s care.

Your employee will be able to record milestones and observations in real-time and tracked on a kid’s profile effectively. This will give you the much-needed data you can look into for behavior and patterns that can help you in formulating strategies that can further progress their education and learning.

And this is not also beneficial for you. On the parent’s side, they will have a detailed record of their kid’s history and insight that can be useful to them. Such records can even help medical providers in identifying issues, for instance, food logs that may be causing or worsening a kid’s illness.

  1. Home-School Linking

The best childcare management software will have a parent engagement feature. Parents can use the app to communicate with their little ones and keep them informed in real-time.

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Staff members can use this app to message a kid’s parents and keep them updated. This makes them feel engaged and closer to what’s happening in the program.

Also, parents will have detailed daily reports delivered to their email or mobile device instantly.

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