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Why You Should Send Your Little One to Child Care

Are you asking yourself, “Do I need to send my kid to child care near me?” Or, do you not have an exact idea of what such a decision will bring to you and your child?

While you hear some people saying that children at their very young age should be with their parents at home, studies actually show that there are many benefits to sending your little ones to quality child care centres.

Here are just some of them:

1. It prepares your child for formal education

It can be difficult for your child to enter formal school without being prepared. To ease the transition, you should let them become familiar with the school environment. In a child care centre, they will become knowledgeable of how things will go in elementary school and encounter lesser issues.

2. It lets your child develop cognitive and language skills faster

According to research, children who attended child care had achieved higher academic results than those who did not. This is because they had developed their cognitive and language skills at an earlier stage.

So, if you want your child to excel amongst their peers, you should not have second thoughts to search “child care near me” online when the time comes. Sure enough, you will be surprised at how early your child learns to read, communicate, and comprehend things compared to others! Take a look at Lady Gowrie

3. It teaches your child to be socially interactive

If your child stays at home, they would only have the chance to interact with you and the other members of the family. Because of this, they would find it difficult to socialise with other people at the later stages of their life.

At child care centres Sunshine Coast parents also send their children to, they can interact with other children and their teachers. They will learn to communicate properly, make friends, and share stories, which help them develop their personalities.

4. It helps your child maintain good health and overall well-being

While it is true that some children had cold when they first attended pre-school, it actually strengthened their immune system.

According to research, those who attended child care Moreton Bay and other places in Australia have in place showed to be less likely to get sick when they entered formal school.

Let Lady Gowrie take care of your child

As you can now see, there are priceless benefits child care can offer to your child. Not only that, but it also brings further benefits to you as parents.

For one, it will give you more time to focus on your work or on other important tasks of supporting your family. Secondly, it fixes the behavioural issues your child might have. To top it off, it helps you ensure that your child becomes a better person as they grow up.

Now, all you need to think about is, “Which child care near me should I choose for my child?” On that note, you can check Lady Gowrie. They are a non-profit organisation that is known for a strong heritage of providing early childhood education in Australia, especially in Queensland.

Check them out now at!

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